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Did your website stop working, do you want to increase your sales, or are you simply unhappy with your current website that you built yourself from a template? Then we can help. We are a California based professional web agency that specializes in exclusive web designs, mobile friendly optimization, expert SEO setups, with proven online sales techniques and methodologies.

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The raising star of Hollywood - beautiful actress Ilana Guralnik
About Project
Ilana Guralnik - official professional page with portfolio and video. The main challenge was to create attractive unique feel and look with outstanding functionality featuring large media files such a video.
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Bedford Brownstone Realty
About Project
Re-branding and website re-design
for Brooklyn, NY real estate agency "Bedford Brownstone Realty"
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TMEC Tritons - Swimming Strong
About Project
The online portal for Swim Team "Temecula Tritons"
Re-branding, identity, web design and development
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Divality - the business of feeling beautiful. Hair Extensions Products
About Project
Divality - the business of feeling beautiful. The manufacturer and distributor of Hair Extensions Products. Business perspective is to build trusted brand and sell ready-to-go business packages to entrepreneurs, hair salons, SPAs and etc.
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Tailgate Support Bars from DG Manufacturing
About Project
Tailgate Support Bars from DG Manufacturing
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About Project
Millmasters - The Kitchen Remodelers
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Web Design

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Users now expect a pleasant and intuitive experience when browsing a website. Therefore a user experience (UX) oriented website is an important piece of the puzzle.
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Responsive layouts
  • Beautiful fonts
  • UX-oriented approach
  • Error-free code
A website will also be the largest online forum for you to cement your identity. A strong logo will be memorable and easily relatable to those interested in your product or service. Are there certain colors associated with your brand whether due to your logo or otherwise?
Professional web design companies such as our web design agency also have the ability to provide you with a vital feature: mobile compatibility. Your website must give an excellent user experience on mobile devices as well. This can be achieved through one dynamic website that adjusts
to the device being used or a separate website altogether. Regardless, due to the large portion of your audience that will be viewing your page from a phone or tablet, this is a must-have.


While a well designed e-store on your website is wise inclusion, online marketplaces such as eBay, Buy.com, Etsy and Amazon are simply the most effective way to sell products on the internet.
amazon ebay buy.com etsy
As we recognize at Web Trade Consulting, understanding your customers and their shopping habits should inform your choice of marketplaces.
  • Amazon store design
  • e-Bay store design
  • Marketplaces accounts
  • Seller's accounts
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Inventory feed optimization
One should always offer products across multiple channels to ensure successful distribution. Much like business directories, online marketplaces are highly indexed by search engines - as evidenced by many of the top search results for any product being
examples of the product in question on eBay, Amazon and the like. As a result, listing your products or services on online marketplaces is not just a good distribution decision,
but also positively affects your SEO and level of brand recognition. Our Professional website developers and marketing specialists are always available for your website support and web presence maintenance

Social Accounts

Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) is always the goal. The explosion of social media, an effective use of earned media is now considered one of the most powerful marketing tools available.
Facebook Twitter Google plud Pinterest
Of course, it is your website and social media channels (known as owned properties) that drive the success or failure of your earned media.
  • Setup& verification
  • Graphic package
  • Social ads
  • Posting consultations
  • Website integrations
  • Customization
With respect to social media, the key is a clearly branded initial launch across all channels that is engaging and then maintenance across the board with regular content that is unique and captivating. While the former takes considerable planning and
experience, it is the latter that is the larger challenge. As this requires man hours that may not always be available in-house, Web Trade Consulting not only sets up highly effective social media profiles but also offers a number of monthly plans to ensure your
expertly designed social media channels are getting the attention they deserve and creating the impact desired. We offer Worry-Free Online Experience. Call Now - Get A Quote Today!


Vital consideration - Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Effective SEO now consists of nuanced techniques requiring great expertise and a multi-faceted approach.
google adwords bing ads adroll fetchback
The algorithms search engines such as Google use are incredibly complex and actually penalize websites attempting keyword stuffing and other similar practices.
  • Website optimization
  • SEO-rich Content
  • Social ads
  • E-marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Retargeting
This has almost become a buzzword of sorts; however, it is an extremely powerful tool for increasing online visibility. In the past, simply including a large volume of words your desired audience would search for (keywords) resulted in favorable search rankings. Keyword rich content is still one of the main techniques, but should be created
by experts that can incorporate the keywords naturally and are familiar with the do’s and don't’s. The addition of high-level techniques such as sitemaps that create an index of your site for the search engines, optimization of the headings on your website and image and PDF optimization (yes, today’s search engines even take your pictures into
consideration!) will separate you from the crowd. At Web Trade Consulting we offer additional services such as Pay-Per-Click (e.g. Google AdWords) and retargeting where ads for your company will be displayed across the web to users that have previously visited your website and leverage them to work hand-in-hand with SEO.
Yelp Yelp
Yellow Pages Yellow Pages
Local.com Local.com
Merchant Circle Merchant Circle

Hosting Management

With services such as corporate email solutions, daily backups, scheduled maintenance and SSL certification, your custom online experience is worry-free from day one.
LinoDe SSL Amazon Web Services Entrusted Mail
We offer and will professionally set up secure server hosting that will eliminate downtime and ensure maximum privacy and security.
  • Hosting
  • Domain buying services
  • Backup setup and storage
  • Corporate email plans
  • Secure encrypted email plans
  • SSL certificates
So you’ve got a excellently designed custom website that is poised to grow your business, improve your web presence and represent your brand. That’s all well and good, but it’s all for naught if your website is down as often as it is available or is insecure and puts both your and your clients at risk. These issues
don’t only result in lost business directly when customers cannot access your website or information is lost/compromised - they also result in a negative view of your brand that spreads rapidly and is very difficult to overcome.Keeping the ever-important SEO considerations in mind,we offer domain
acquisition services as well. And keeping the ever-important SEO considerations in mind, we offer domain acquisition services as well. If a website name that you desire and that is likely to be advantageous to your business is already taken, we can take care of its purchase for you within a given budget.
Email Email
Security Security
Server Server
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Since its founding, our Professional Web Agency has been on the cutting edge of web innovations. Our research and development is always concentrated on the most vital aspects of website development: design, performance and functionality.

Here, at Web Trade Consulting, we also understand that a truly successful website is not made on a solid platform alone - it needs a fresh and engaging design first.
This is exactly why our team is comprised of highly creative, skilled and certified professionals, who specialize in design, code integrity, server safety and layout practicality.
A project quote from us is not simply a set of digits - it is a complete web marketing strategy. To create it we start with attentively listening to your wishes; then we carefully evaluate needs of your business website; and finally we thoroughly research trends of your targeted customer demographics. All this allows us to execute a perfect vision of your future website, at the budget your business can easily afford.

Whether it is an e-commerce website, or a web page with a strong corporate identity, Web Trade Consulting is the GO-TO web agency for web design ideas to bring new visitors and for UI experience to appease them. Quality of our work is what sets us apart from our competition, and it will set you apart from yours.